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I learned more from Unmedicated Birth Academy than I did going to my midwife appointments. The course provides lots of information about you, your body, and your baby—all in one place.”


“I honestly can’t say enough about how awesome the course was and how helpful it was to me and my spouse during my pregnancy and labor. I learned how to be an advocate for myself. I was able to make decisions without feeling confused.”


“The partner course is GOLD! Using its tools has made postpartum easier. My husband also said it made him more understanding of my experience, in a new way! He also felt less fear and more confidence in how to help me through.”


What You Get in UBA

The Unmedicated Birth


8 Unmedicated Birth Academy Classes 

Access them anywhere, anytime

Dozens of Practice Videos, Guide Sheets, Audio Scripts

Literally everything you will possibly need to make it easy for you to learn

Bonus Partner Course

Made just for your partner so they can be your best support

“This was the answer I needed to conquer my anxiety and fear this time around. It [UBA] has been such a blessing! Thank you so much!! This helped me complete this journey better than I could have otherwise. This course is AMAZING!!!”

Whitney, surrogate mother

What to Expect in Each Section of the Course

Section 1

Understanding the Body’s Perfect Design

Women’s bodies are unbelievable. An expecting mother’s body is performing miracles while growing a baby and bringing it into the world. In our introduction, we’ll remove the mystery and tell you exactly what is happening in your body from the first trimester through postpartum recovery.

Section 2

Implementing the Body & Mind Connection

Now that you know how your body functions, learn how to make those functions work for you. We’ll help you understand what that having “the right mindset” means and give you the strategies to achieve it.

Section 3

Breathing Techniques

Everyone knows breathing during labor is important, but how you breathe makes a huge difference. Breathing can accelerate labor and make your contractions more effective. Our practice videos will help you master three techniques to use on delivery day.

Section 4

The Building Blocks

Learn the essential components of a successful unmedicated birth and you’ll be set up for a smooth delivery. We’ll tell you how to choose the perfect care provider and maintain healthy habits. You’ll also understand the “fear, tension, pain” cycle and know how and when to relax.

Section 5

Before Full-Term

You’re almost ready to deliver, so let’s talk details. We’ll squash any remaining fears, help you understand what your body is doing in the final weeks of pregnancy, teach you how to advocate for yourself at the hospital, and help you prepare your body for labor.

Section 6

Physical Support in Labor

Gather your support team and assign them specific rolls. Lean on your partner to do some of the heavy lifting during labor. We’ll teach your partner about labor positions and making you more comfortable during contractions. Lastly, you’ll create a birth preference sheet and learn how to make informed decisions in unexpected circumstances.

Section 7

Birth Forecast

Your due date is approaching quickly. You’re uncomfortable and pacing the hallways, anxious to meet your baby. We help you manage those long days and walk you through every stage of labor, including the final pushes that bring your baby into the world.

Section 8

The 4th Trimester

When your baby is born, the hard work is done, right? Well, most of it! Your body has a lot of recovering to do the weeks following delivery. It’s important to make sure you are resting and communicating your needs. To capture your beautiful birth experience, we will show you how to write your birth story so you can relive that precious moment for decades to come.


Partner Prep Workshop

5 lessons that will make your partner your biggest supporter and advocate

Lesson 1: Pregnancy

Understand the expecting mother’s experience and how it relates to the partner.

Lesson 2: Pain vs. Suffering

Know the difference so you can protect the expecting mother during delivery.

Lesson 3: Birth Process

Understand the stages of childbirth to recognize what is happening when.

Lesson 4: Labor Tools

Learn how to make childbirth more comfortable for the expecting mother

Lesson 5: Postpartum

Know what to expect during recovery and adjusting to a new baby at home.

The more your partner understands your experience, the more loved and supported you will feel

Expert Intsructors

Meet Our Team


Natural Childbirth is Intuitive

It’s part of your biological design. However, more women are afraid of natural childbirth than ever before. If you are afraid, we will help you reverse your mindset and show you why natural childbirth is possible for most every expecting mother.

4 Reasons Expecting Moms Go Natual


Repositioning your body helps you progress and helps your baby move more easily through a tight area.

C O N T R O L 

Understanding the way your body feels makes you the expert as your labor unfolds. Know what is happening and the appropriate action to take gives you the control you want.

R E C O V E R Y 

Not having medication means fewer potential side effects. Smoother, faster healing is possible after unmedicated births.


Feel powerful as you hold your brand new baby on your chest and say, “I can’t believe I just did that!”

Birth isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience.

Have a vulnerable and powerful birth in your own beautiful way.

Go from “I’ll Try” to “I DID IT!” with these 3 steps

Find the Right Support

If you and your care providers aren’t on the same page, find someone new. Even at 40 weeks, you aren’t stuck with your provider.

Seek More Knowledge

Birth comes with dozens of choices to make. Will cord clamping, episiotomy or intermittent monitoring be in your birth plan? Knowing and understanding your options will give you a positive birth experience. When you know better, you do better.

Train your Brain

Pain doesn’t have to control you. When you are fearful of pain, the fear creates tension, which creates more pain. We will teach you how to manage your pain and break the unproductive fear cycle.